Our Mission

The Treedom House mission is to grow business for good. Our investment thesis focuses on capitalizing on and enabling business models that synergize both economic and social value creation. To realize success, we work confidently with our portfolio businesses and readily leverage our powerful network of advisors, professionals, and industry experts.

Our Philosophy

The Treedom House philosophy states that good investments should always converge altruism and capitalism. We believe that the status quo focuses too greatly on the purely economic implications of investing, and not enough on the personal, societal, and environmental effects.

In line with our commitment to the environment, we are aligning our goals with the latest congressional assessment of environmental impact.

Treedom House takes a holistic, socially-conscious view on all its investments. Our investment strategy asserts that attractive profit and significant impact are not zero sum. For this reason, Treedom House is committed to empowering entrepreneurs that model success the same way we do.